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High quality, environmentally friendly, lubricant products.

Lubricants & Greases

Biodegradable with higher flash points and resists thinning at high temperatures.

Marine, Subsea, Lifting

Lubitec Products

Lubitec blend and supply their own Bio based and globally approved Lubricants and Greases for a multitude of application both Marine and Industrial.

All of the products offered by Lubitec are compliant to the rigorous legislation laid down by USA and EU governing bodies. Lubitec products are certified EALs and a such meet VGP, OSPAR and HOCNF requirements.

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Our Services

Lubitec Services is an independent limited company that offers wire rope inspection, installation, socketing and lubricating services, benefiting from the inhouse lubricants that lubricant technologies exclusive to Lubitec.

Installation, socketing, MRT inspection and lubrication. We are proud to offer world leading Approved Hydraulic fluids and Greases that surpass the most stringent certification and user requirements.

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Lubitec Design and manufacturing again offer bespoke engineering solution to our clients offering one off designs and allowing Lubitec services to offer a more complex range of application solutions when required.

All environmentally acceptable lubricants have to be formulated to ensure that any impact to the environment is significantly reduced when compared to standard lubricants.

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